Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome to Puerto Supe!

Puerto is about 10 official streets with a few unofficial ones that scale the nearby hills or wander off in the direction of La Isla or Pueblo Supe.

The beach is a main staple of life here. 

Every city, town, and neighborhood in Peru has a central square called the "Plaza de Armas" complete with gardens and generally a sculpture or fountain.

Puerto Supe also boasts of a recently rehabilitated Malecon- a raised decorative sidewalk area lined with shops and the municipal office. The wall below the Malecon has been decorated with murals recounting the history of Puerto Supe and its surrounding locales.

The Malecon looks over the center of town as it slopes down to the ocean.

 This is the street I live on as viewed from the Malecon

Here's another view of the town from Grace and Cesar's roof.  

I would like to not just show you Puerto, but tell you of its history and people, but all in good time. I am still working on compiling and verifying the story.

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