Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break Peru

I had always wanted to go on a spring break trip with XA while I was in college, but I always seemed to find "responsible" reasons not to go. But good things come to those who wait, and instead of going on a trip, one came to me! There is really too much good to explain from the week, so I will break it down into numberable and unnumberable outcomes. 

The Numbers:
14 university students + 2 interns + 3 local missionaries
Less than half speaking Spanish
2 impromptu but divinely occasioned local translators who got to see Christ living fresh and full in the lives of young people, something quite unusual in Puerto. 
1 bonfire attended by around 12 local teens
1 pre-school patio painted
1 extremely poor family fed for a week
About 75 man hours of labor towards building a new church building
1,000+ pre-school to highschool students and teachers reached with gospel-oriented dance, skit and testimony presentation
30+ mangoes consumed
40 alfajor cookies eaten
Upwards of 80 games of uno played
1 dog lost and then found

Teen bonfire with marshmallows and stuffed bananas a la campfire.

Pre-school presentation and service project sans electricity and water.


The Unnumberable: 
A strong testimony of passion, compassion, and humility shown throughout our little town to the credit of the name if Christ and worth of the Gospel
The building of our church both with stones as well as souls on our piece of property and in individual hearts
A fresh taste of the kingdom for all us here in Puerto
A new challenge for those of us in ministry here to leave no opportunity for sharing the Gospel untouched and to find the passion and power to do so daily in a greater appreciation and love for the Gospel. As we do so, sharing is seen not a task but a pleasure and a gift!

Making friends wherever they go.

Our variety show occasionally included fire breathing for more mature crowds.

A scenic trek through the desert to an elementary school across town. 

At this school the actors were so convincing that during the skit the kids mobbed the "sin chair" to see if they could also get stuck to it.

Waka Waka Dance Party

 Saying goodbye to the crew.

 To the friends and families of these top-notch team members, thank you for lending me your loved ones. The did their work here in Puerto to the utmost and beyond. They have left foundations, blessings, and positive challenges for our continued work. I feel fortunate to have been given the gift of this team, and only ask that they not forget us in their prayers, their words, and even their research papers. Thank you for nurturing the seeds long-since planted and planting some new ones of your own. Remember what good 'ole Ozzie (Chambers) says:

"Our spiritual strength begins to bedrained when we stop lifting our eyes to Him. Our stamina is sapped, not so much through external troubles surrounding us, but through our problems in thinking. . ." Be strong and courageous as you live in the same recklessly loving way in Cville. Be strong and very courageous.