Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sewing Stories: "Short fat women with short arms"

We'll call her "Happy." With a smile larger than her stature, it seems an appropriate name.
"Happy" came into class last year when someone dropped out part way through the first week of our sewing bootcamp. I was astonished as she went from 0-60 within a few days, having minimal experience with sewing but catching right up to the class. Her positive attitude means that mistakes meet with laughter rather than anger, and though she is still in the learning process, her sewing is dependable and attentive to detail.

Happy is on the younger end of ten siblings and receives much support from her family. Her family is rooting for her and encouraged her to take advantage of the micro-credit loans offered as a part of this year's sewing program. With a child on the way, setting up a business to help support herself and her family is a perfect opportunity that will allow her to work from home.
When we asked her about her business plan, we were surprised and encouraged (and a little entertained) by how specific she was. She plans to sew for ten-year-olds and short fat women with short arms in the mountains who need warm clothes for winter. Happy explained that the highland women are generally shorter and rounder and have shorter arms than the lowlanders, making clothing hard to find (height, weight and race are not touchy subjects here). She would use her family connections to transport her goods to and from the mountains. The clothing she plans to trade for produce and livestock, money being not as easily come by on the isolated farms, that she will then bring back down to the coast to sell.

It has been an encouragement to see the faithfulness she has shown over the past year in attending the sewing classes and improving her skills. We were excited that she found a market and formed a well-thought-out business plan, earning her opportunity for a loan. With the support of her family and such an uncrushable positive attitude, we expect good things from Happy.

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