Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Patchwork Week: Wheaton Bible Church

This last week we have enjoyed working with a short term mission team from Wheaton Bible Church. Their primary focus was constructing a staircase and installing a bathroom for our church building.

However, as it goes here, things did not fall into place as initially scheduled. Left waiting a couple days for wood, the team's week became a patchwork of moments with all sorts of people and places, broadening our view of God at work here and in our own lives.

Due to all of the complications these guys powered through the last day, working until 3am to squeeze every last bit of work during their time here. Amazing job!

During the days that we were waiting for wood, and between projects the team also helped with kids and teen programs, practiced lots of English with my students, and built us a couple sets of Bags (Corn Hole).

 CJ is a master quilter and offered the ladies from our Sewing Seeds International program a week of afternoon quilting classes. They absolutely loved the opportunity to learn something new, especially something so practical and beautiful that is fairly uncommon here. Five days weren't enough for them, so they even studied on Saturday!

It's always refreshing to have visitors, to collect new perspectives and fresh glimpses of this place that can get lost in daily routines. It's a gift to be able to show my kids people from all backgrounds and walks of life who love Christ and one another in a way that pleases God. It's refreshing to see time and again that there is someone in charge of piecing together minute details according to a plan, not letting even one scrap go to waste, as haphazard as the process may seem.

Every team we've had is so very different, and God uses each group in its own way to shape the work he is bringing to completion here. I thank God for Liz and Neftali, Ray, Mark, Kyle, and CJ - for their humor and their humility, their hearts ready to serve and to share. They have been a blessing to our community and ministry team. Thanks Wheaton!