Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Peru Round Two

This past week we hosted a group of 21 students from the University of Virginia's Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship.

We enjoyed a week split between morning presentation of Christ-centered skits, dances, and testimonies, and afternoon construction work. It was incredible to see the amount accomplished in physically building our church, in renewing and deepening connections with the local schools, and bringing the Gospel again to my English students.

Here are a few photos to give you a glimpse of all that went down:
 Fishers of men
 The ever-esteemed "gum skit"
 The day Debbie burned the skin off her feet dancing her heart out on hot concrete
Celebrating Drew's birthday the Peruvian way. . .in front of 500 high school students. . .

In addition to outreach, we also had good times of celebration with the church during Sunday service and an evening dance party, with our team seeing the local sights, the teens at a bonfire, and digging deep into the word every evening. 

 Some friends shared local dances with us
And the team shared Swing Dance, The Wop, The Wobble, and The Cupid Shuffle.
You're welcome, Peru.

Even illness couldn't stop us 
In addition, we also had a variety of construction activities this week:

Task: tiling the kids bathroom and kitchen counter.

Task: finishing bago boards and building the kitchen counter.

Task: bending rebar into squares and wiring them onto roof supports to reinforce columns. 

 Washcloth swag and periodic dance breaks mandatory. 


Task: Paint kids classroom, sanctuary, and outside of church building. Paint two murals inside church.

What an incredible week. What an incredible group. What an incredible God we serve.
Thanks Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at UVA for lending us your most quality students! Thank you for being part of another testimony to the unity of Christ's global body.

Well done, Sir.

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