Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Look Back

Today marks the third anniversary of my arrival in Peru! I came down in 2012 and was signed up for a year, but planning to stay longer--as long as it took to leave the ministry in the hands of someone else. These past three years have been incredible- thanks to all you who have come down, have prayed, given, or just corresponded during this time. Here's a few photos of the past three years, and a recap of coworkers and short-term teams.

Year 1- January 15th I arrived in Lima. On January 18th I met Fabi and we embarked upon a year of working with kids to begin a children's ministry in Puerto Supe with Grace and Cesar.

A SAM summer team was with us for a couple of days, playing with the kids and painting a preschool.
Daniela came down for a week to help with our VBS.
 Sewing Seeds International was with us for two weeks, initiating our sewing school.
My parents and sister came to put on a Christmas show for the kids and the church

 Year 2- Fabi leaves and Lindsey joins us for 6 months in Puerto Supe.

UVA Chi Alpha sent us a work team to do demo, foundation laying, and school presentations.
Lindsey and Mary join the other Lindsey for a month and a half while I am in the States.
 Sewing Seeds International came back for our second sewing class, a week-long intensive.
Emily and Lindsey came down for a week to help us put on our Christmas Program
 Year 3
A team from Wheaton Bible Church visited for a week to help with Church construction, and teach quilting to the sewing school.
Another team from Chi Alpha at UVA joined us to help with church construction and school presentations.
 Erin worked with us for two months and Rachel for one month.
Sewing Seeds International came down once again for a week and a half intensive class. 

Year 4- I can hardly believe it- I am looking forward to finding out what's in store! Thanks again to each of you who have been involved in making this ministry and experience what it has been for me. God is so good!

Many thanks as well to Grace and Cesar, who for the past three years have opened their house to me at all hours, fed me well, and taught me endlessly. Thank you for your patience and goodness to me, and your faithfulness to Puerto.

We are still praying and looking for a dedicated, long-term youth worker, preferably a couple. Please join us in praying that God would provide in this way even as he has provided in so many other ways during the past three years.