Monday, July 20, 2015

Celebrating 10 Years

Yesterday was an event Anna and I prophetically named "The Great Disaster." Thankfully, neither of us were proved to be gifted prophets.

We had been working for weeks on a surprise party for Grace and Cesar, who this year mark a decade in Puerto Supe. To make things extra surprising, we celebrated a month late. We invited friends from the church, English classes, the sewing school, and Cesar's civic association. We were even blessed with the presence of a visiting SAM summer team in from Pucallpa, and Cesar's brother who was visiting from the States.

Grace and Cesar arrived in Puerto Supe in June of 2005 and started work with community development and church planting. It has been a time of ups and downs, challenges and blessings, but we especially wanted to celebrate the ups and blessings and beautiful, impactful relationships formed during this time.

 After sharing heaping servings of spicy corn gloop (pepian), we asked for the participation of our guests with their thoughts or, coincidentally, their dance moves. We sang some worship songs, and heard from Grace and Cesar.
 To remember these past ten years, we compiled a book of photos and letters, and a crafty recuerdo of the event.

And, of course, we finished everything off with some incredible flaming cake. 
It was a memorable event not for any "great disasters," but for the way that everyone pitched in to help with food preparation, decorations, setup, cleaning, music, and refresco. It was a great time together, and hopefully and a great encouragement to the founders and patriarchs of our Comunidad Cristiana here. Their 10 years have been a testament of faithfulness and generosity, and a time that touched many more than were able to be present with us.