Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Newsletter: What Happened, What's Next

Dear family and friends,

I hope you are all doing well this summer. It has been a time of transition for me, and I am currently writing from Stokesdale, NC. At the beginning of the month I finished up in Puerto Supe, Peru, and paid an exploratory visit to Ayacucho, Peru. 

Grace and Cesar Cubas continue ministering in Puerto Supe, and are actively encouraging the church members to step into the holes left in the area of Sunday school and childcare. Please keep them in your prayers.

In Ayacucho, Rick and Donna Martin are partnering with Nicolas and Stacy Ticona to plant a church, especially focusing on college students, largely unreached and discounted by churches in the area. They have invited me to join their team, and I am taking the next month to prayerfully consider the opportunity.

In the meantime, I will be in the States for the next five months as I continue to take classes at Liberty University Online, catch up with friends and supporters, and raise support for these five months and the next steps. 

My current studies are specifically directed towards moving into a "tent-making" ministry. "Tent-making" refers to working in a "secular" field in order to broaden or deepen (and fund) ministry opportunities like the apostle Paul did through sewing tents. In my case, this would involve teaching English in elementary schools, high schools, and possibly institutes or universities. I believe that this would be beneficial not only to working with university students, but also to the way that foreign Christians and lay workers are perceived by local believers. Tent-making is also an opportunity I am prayerfully considering and investigating.

Please feel free to contact me at shellydobosy@gmail.com, as replying to this email does not arrive at my inbox. 

I appreciate your prayers in the coming month as I seek God's direction for my next steps. I consider my future wide open and flexible, and am excited to figure out what might be next. 

I am also still looking to borrow, rent, or purchase a car in the next couple weeks. I appreciate any connections you might be able to offer.

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