Friday, January 15, 2016

Anniversary! . . .and Some Answers. . .and What's to Come

Four years ago today I arrived in Peru. Three days from now I was planning on returning. But, as Proverbs 19:21 reminds us, "Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."

I had not planned to live on the coast of Peru. Truthfully, when I visited the area as a student I expressed that I would not want to live there. ". . .but is is the Lord's purpose that prevails." After a string of open-then-closed doors that is exactly where I ended up. I landed with plans to stay until someone could be found to replace me and carry on the work with the kids and teens. "Many are the plans in a person's heart. . ." so, so many.

It was a long journey to decide not to go back to Peru. I considered what God might have next for me when I knew early in 2015 that my time in Puerto was ending. In October while at a course at the JAARS center in Waxhaw, NC, I realized that returning to Peru in January was not a good choice for a number of reasons. It had taken me eight months of denial to come to terms with that choice. At the end of November, I began applying for jobs, and was offered a teaching position during the first week in January.

I am a lateral entry Spanish teacher. Lateral Entry programs accept candidates who qualify through career experience or undergraduate studies in a particular area to fill a critical staffing need. Lateral entry teachers are granted a provisional license, with the commitment to meet the requirements necessary to obtain a traditional teaching license within the next three years.

I have been praying these last few months that God would plant me in a place where I can find community and establish some roots. I have been praying that He would provide a job where I can be blessed and be a blessing. I have been praying for a good living situation and a church.

It has been 100% incredible to see the answers.

As I asked, I was imagining small answers. I was imagining the kinds of answers I had seen over the past few years. Encouragement, but not exactly the answer I sought.

I was asking for a bicycle, expecting a skateboard, and God has provided a Lexus. . .figuratively.

God has provided abundantly with a job and housing. I am excited to dig in and find community and a church home.

What's to Come
I am not Chele en Peru in the present season, though I hope to be again in a year or two. 

Beginning on Monday I will be Cheli en Charlotte.

Therefore, I will be taking most of this blog offline. I already removed many posts, and most of the other "personal" posts will be taken down as well. I will leave newsletters and travel posts on this site.

There is a possibility that another blog is in store, so stay tuned. . .

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