Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cheli and the Salsa-Dancing Prophet

"You look like a teacher," he commented.

It's not something you really want to hear from a strange man at a bar.

You see, a teacher is a wonderful thing to be, but not always an exciting thing to look like. Good thing I was at said bar with friends for salsa lessons, not to find strange men.

But he spotted me. Before I spotted myself. Before my inability to say no landed me teaching fifteen English classes a week in a foreign country where I had arrived to do other things. Before a strange twist of fate and a series of friends who nudged me on to take classes. Before I ever planned on becoming one.

'You look like a teacher,' said the salsa-dancing prophet as I awkwardly adjusted my dark-framed glasses, scrutinized my borrowed dress, and decided how to respond. I probably landed on something witty like 'yeah?' Or 'hmmm'.

Thankfully, the salsa-dancing prophet disappeared, never to be seen again. But guess what! Now I am one! Really!

Not a salsa-dancing prophet, though perhaps one day.

I am now a teacher!

After an obscene number of applications and six interviews, I have been blessed with a lateral-entry teaching job at a school too good to be true.

I am a middle school Spanish teacher!

A big thank you to my saintly references who bore with me as I applied to at least ten districts, various nanny jobs, and some private schools. Thanks especially to you who landed me two of my interviews in your own schools of employment. You are each worth your weight in gold and your support has been such an encouragement.

Most of you already know that I am not returning to Peru in January, though I have not yet announced it here. I hope to finish my teaching degree and gain the experience necessary to teach abroad (Peru!?) in the future. Hence, I will be stateside for a time.

In the next week Chele en Peru will become Cheli en Charlotte.

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